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What got me started in this new digital information wave was a chance encounter with a comf5 video email. I still love the idea of video emails, that comf5 allows you to create, but did not like the complicated platform. Wow actually, I learned a lot of stuff that comes in handy now, but have found so many other easier ways to communicate. I am learning icontact in my fashion – the decision criteria of why choose one over the other. People recommend mailchimp but I never could get past the name!


email marketing tips

I agree with and like these tips – make sense to get your emails opened! Here is the copy from the blog of Scott Case, who has 25,000 twitter followers…

How can you know what are click-worthy subject lines? Here are five best practices that should get you the ROI you?re seeking:
1. Connect with personal pronouns.In the age of social media, people want conversation with their content. Your subject line sets the tone for what readers can expect if they open your emails. You can increase your click-through rates by using personal pronouns like, ?you? and ?your? in your subject lines. Your readers will associate your emails with personal notes speaking to them setting it apart from the bland spam that clogs up their inboxes.
2. Ask a question.When you ask a question in your subject line, you entice your readers to open your emails to get the answer. This strategy works best when you ask a question that you know is on the minds of the people on your lists. Making a list of your customers FAQs, and doing polling and surveys periodically can help you create a list of smart subject lines.
3. Use percentages.People love percentages. They?re drawn to them because percentages pique their curiosity to find out what data supports the numbers.
4. Include odd numbers.No, we?re not talking about the 3, 5, 7 kind of ?odd?. Think retail strategy. Using numbers like 214 instead of rounding off to 200 catches people?s attention and increases the likelihood they will click on your email. Plus, odd numbers work best when you insert them at the start of the subject line.
5. Name your freebie.If you?re giving away a free report, a gift card, MP3 player or other lead generation tool in your email, make sure you include the name of it in your subject line. Your readers will perceive this email as containing extra value, incentivizing them to open and read your message instead of deleting it.
Here are some fill-in-the-blank examples to help get you started.
Why You Need _____________________
Why Does _____________________?
93% of Email Marketing Campaigns _____________________
126 Reasons Why _____________________
Top 5 Secrets for _____________________ (Video Included)
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