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One of the more difficult things I have experienced personally is how to brand myself across all the things I do.

The Oprah brand post by Claude Lortie reminded me that it is entirely possible to take a big picture and make it congruent across all the various talents and activites.

Oprah is a consummate interviewer, but that is not what she is known for anymore. She has changed the lives of millions of people, bringing her big heart and love of what is right in the world to millions of viewers and readers, evolving over the years.

She did not need to rebrand when she was launching OWN.

So – find what is congruent across all the things you do, and put them together in a way that people get who you are and what you do for them – how you can change their lives, for the better.

Written with gratitude,

Visible Me


Brand like Oprah!

We all need to think of branding like Oprah.

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