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Quick ideation on bells and whistles

How to indicate time is up:
1. bell master
2. several bell masters; all with timers
3. set expectations ahead of time – perhaps name is best at first
4. set challenges by table
5. use different methods at each table (bell, time card, silent indicators).
6. use the secret weapons – Moe the Clown, the hook

As always, get out there, be visible, and be creative!


Time keeping for better meetings

I have been a facilitator of Efficient Meetings for years. Here are some time keeper suggestions. The group introductions are a specialty.
Here is the nut:
1. How much time divided by how many people – obvious, but often not considered.
2. Time stops for no one. Fifteen people in fifteen minutes… vs 25 people in 15 minutes.You get the point.
3. A full 60 seconds is often more than adequate; we don’t listen to more. And 30 seconds is great discipline. Think twitter.
4. Do use a stopwatch.
5. Bells or whistles? Get creative! I have ten ways to let people know to finish and many techniques for making intros short.
6. A few basics – allow different people to time keep; use non verbal messages; create teams.
7. Everyone benefits from short and sweet! Pick a topic…Don’t be boring.
8. The elevator pitch always needs practice… and like written descriptions, we need a 25 word, 50 word, 100 and 250 word. Get proficient at all of them!

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