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Adding Feed to Blogger

Have no idea yet how to do this…. Here is the help text!

Adding FeedBurner Email to your TypePad or Blogger blog

Once you have activated FeedBurner’s Email Subscriptions service for your feed, you can easily incorporate the code to display a subscription form (or link) on your website if you use Blogger or TypePad.

To most easily add the form or link to your site, look for the following menu below the subscription form or link code box on the Email Subscriptions setup form for your feed:


Choose Blogger or TypePad, then click Go, and you will be taken to the appropriate site to complete the code widget installation process automatically.

Note: This widget feature will only work properly if you are using a standard Blogger Layout with your Blogger blog, or are using Standard Templates (not Advanced Templates) with TypePad. In both of those cases, you must manually edit your template code to insert the subscription link or form code FeedBurner provides you.

Also can’t publish as draft here, so apologies for the junky posts until I fix them!


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