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Choosing an Emarketing and CRM Program

The programs people I like to read are using range from infusionmail to icontact, aweber and priorityonemail.

Here is a fast run-down of the differences between them, just excerpts from each home page.

You can check out youtube too.

First, hands down, Infusionsoft wins. Most sophisticated, integrated system to really make you money. 2 users, 5,000 contacts, 100,000 emails per month, starting at 199$ per month.

If that budget is too rich, then icontact will offer a free program up to 2,000 emails per month. Now, 5000 contacts, 14. per month, 2,500 is only 29,00 then 5,000 is 47 per month. Add sign in pages to websites, to facebook fan pages and more.

” icontact social tools are so straightforward and effective…”

Checked out priorityoneemail and kept getting bumped to ishoppingcart and elsewhere, so confusing and not for us just now. Seems to be all about fulfilment and we are interested now in building subscriber lists and managing contacts.

Sorry Aweber, did not see where to get more from you, and decided to go with icontact for now. Aiming for infusionsoft in the future.


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