Visible Strategy

Using the web to propell your business to visibility

More than hosting

Profitable e business is the key to decision making about where to host your website. Take your business online. An monetize what you have to offer the world.

Here is what Site Builder says:

The “latest and greatest” site-building or blogging products are unimportant details compared to SBI!’s business-building combination of process, tools, updating and guidance. Think of it this way…

Their course is taught at universities – recommended by business departments. All the tools for building a successful business are available on site builder, including marketing letters, payment options, and best of all, the SEO stats with keywords to drive traffic to your site.


E-business Vs. Site Or Blog

An e-business does more than chase a few dollars with “quick and easy” sites. And blogs are like piles of magazine clippings that get old as soon as you stop blogging.

Sites and blogs cannot come close to the full income potential of properly constructed e-businesses. So what is more important?…

Which software you choose to build a site or blog?

Which Web host you choose to host your blog?

Neither of the two is critical to having a real e-business with meaningful, long-term income. Instead, it’s…

  • how thoroughly you prepare — time here pays back 1000 fold
  • how well you pick and organize your topics
  • how Search-Engine-AND-human-effective your pages are
  • how you build Top 1% traffic
  • how you monetize your visitors (15 major ways).

Only SBI! does all that.

Without its process and tools and guidance, you end up with “just another site or blog” that will never be an e-business with serious revenue potential


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