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Writing your ebook from One Spoon

Here are the steps you need to use the Outline and Bundle Method to create an eBook.

  1. Come up with the concept for your eBook.
  2. Brainstorm the different sections that are needed for your eBook.
  3. When you’ve completed the brainstorming, then order the sections as they will appear in the finished eBook.
  4. Then outline each section.  The trick here is to divide each section into chunks – each of those chunks should be approximately the same length as a good sized blog post or web article.
  5. When you have done this, then you can start writing.  Pick an ‘article’ sized chunk, outline THAT. And then sit down and start writing.  Remember that you’re only writing the same length as a blog post, or a website article.
  6. Do that for every chunk in the eBook.  So you’ll end up with 25 ‘articles,’ or 30 ‘articles,’ or however many articles you need, all written around the same topic.
  7. Then ‘bundle’ the articles together.  So that now they fit together to form a complete whole – an eBook.  You may have to go through and edit so that the sections flow together.  But when you’ve done this two or three times, you’ll find that the amount of editing needed is minimal.
  8. Add a cover.  Add graphics.
  9. Voila.  You have written an eBook.


Thanks Paul! I use mind mapping software and they get going pretty quickly. Just to get them finished and published…. 😉


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