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Consulting by phone

When you offer services such as hypnosis by phone or even psychic readings, you can set yourself up to receive calls that are paid per minute, and remain anonymous. Not for everyone but useful for some purposes.

Several options are available: is one. will set you up with a dedicated 800 telephone line. When a customer calls they will hear your greeting which tells them who you are, what you are offering, and the cost of the call.

You get paid “per-minute” or “per-call” based on the billing plan you choose for your 800 line. You can charge the caller from $.99 per minute to $5.99 per minute, or $10.00 – $50.00 per call. …

Handles up to 99 calls simultaneously, with the ability to expand as needs arise.
Manage calls in queue settings as well as music on hold.
Choose from Per Minute calling plan, Flat Rate calling plans or a combination.
Set the maximum time allowed for each call.
Set the business hours of operation.

 You get from 50% to 70% of the fees. Pretty good deal for paypercall…

A better system is bill per call. I had to search for advice by phone because tghe call by phone billing was dominated by pay per call.

This one is called help by phone. It offers afree trial, an looks less sleazy. 

Start your own Help-By-Phone Service Line. You can view your real-time call reports and keep an eye on your business, all from your own user-friendly control panel. Set the cost-per-minute and hours of operation for each extension independently. Watch your calls turn to profits!
Accept your callers’ payments online or with our automated phone system. With Payflow Gateway your callers’ funds are immediately captured into your own Merchant Account.
Our systems are commonly used for:
Tech Support

BillPerCall Silver
Most Affordable Bill-Per-Call System Available

$20 Start-up
$20 Monthly Fee
Real-time Call Reports Single Extension
Click to Call Buttons

With a BillPerCall Silver account, calls can be initiated and paid for online. When your customer clicks your Status Indicator button, your Web Call page is opened. You can easily upload your picture to this page. You are also given a unique link which allows you to e-mail your Web Page to whomever you choose. Your Web site can become your own “virtual postcard”! The unique code you will be given makes your webcall page open with your extension and picture automatically displayed.
The fees are 20% plus 15c per, minute, it seems. Better than 30%, and a free trial. Sure it would take some setting up, but once you are used to it, consulting by phone would become easy. The fees per minute are annoying if you want to set a llow threshold.

Will try to find reviews.

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