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Adding Pinterest

Any one with an engaging idea or business – anyone – benefits from having a Twitter account, but the question for many people is do I have the time to create and manage an account. One thing at a time.

En effet, as they say in French, in fact, a small business needs to manage their online image with as many tools as they can manage.

As they can manage is the key at first, which is where help is needed, to get going, get set up. You need a web presence, starting with both LinkedIn and Facebook.

If you have none, I suggest starting with the easy to learn LinkedIn. Then create a website – your home base.

Adding a Facebook page, then having a look at Twitter.

But today I am off to learn Pinterest and let you know what I find.

Here is the main site. for information. What it is, what you need to use it (invitation for the moment) etc.

Why would you want Pinterest? It’s a virtual pinboard, that’s why. You put all the great websites and images that are relevant to ideas you have for your business. 

You can create as many boards as you like, too. It’s fun for design, for food and recipes, and fashion. But you can create personal boards, too.

Let you know when I have more.


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