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I have been meandering around the edges of how to get visible, what website to create, and what to put on it. I have several businesses, and several personas, to use the correct word for multiple email accounts. How appropriate, I thought to myself… because that is exactly how I feel, pretty often. Multiple personas. Those of you who know me from one context are less surprised than in the past about the other sides of what I do, and I am discovering that more and more of you have multiple personas, actually. No, this is not abnormal psych class, this is the reality today: many of us have multiple small businesses and hobbies and volunteer positions. We are all fragmented to some degree. Especially the women, it seems, but many of us just are.

So would you not like a tool that manages all of this in your communications? If you say no, I understand. If you say yes, then hopefully I have your attention.

Here’s a question: how many emails do you receive a day? Lots, I am sure. And how many of them do you delete? Do you just leave in a big inbox? File? The point I want to make is that we are bombarded with information, that we sometimes do keep, in our inboxes, and refer to with a “search” when we want or need something.

This is how business is gradually moving now. This is the principle behind doing a little marketing. You want to be in the right place at near enough the right time for your customer to find you. Their inbox is a pretty good starting place. You have become familiar to them, and they are not out there on the Internet looking. They are looking for you, and you have created a small link with them, as though you have passed them at the community centre.

You want to be in something called the sphere of consideration when they need something or are about to spend money to solve a problem.

If you have a hand-made crafted work of art business, you want to be present in their minds when they are thinking … present. Am I right? So how do you do that, today?

Stay tuned for easy ways to be more visible…

Visionary Thinker


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