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Pricing and features – Constant Contact

I just checked with the Constant Contact website and got some help on pricing plans just to see. If your data base is less than 2,500, you would pay $30 for the email marketing per month with really great templates. If you added services like event marketing or survey to that, you pay a flat $10 extra each. The three together would then be $50.

Advantages are great templates ready to go, lovely formats.

Disadvantages: you are ahead of the game if you have a website that allows you to store video, for example. You can then send an email with the link to the video on your website. You have to upload an image to the spot where you want the video to play. They do not store video anywhere in the Constant Contact site.

If you want to do webinars, you must use a different provider, such as Go To Meeting.

This is a pretty reasonable cost – $50 for all these features, but it does not allow you the flexibility of video email or audio email. And you are still paying for a different service for your webinars.

Once your database is over 2,500, you are in a different league, and paying base $50 instead of base $30.

Learning to be visible means looking at the options!

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