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Oh My Gosh We’re Going Digital!

I can’t believe I have to start a new blog, but there has been so much learning, enjoyable learning going on in front of this computer in my little gray neurons that I have to put it all somewhere. No, wait. Not quite right. There has been so much learning and a little angst going on in front of this computer that I want to share it. The learning, I mean. With less angst.

This blog is about creating the internet presence we all need to have if we are in business. Creating the internet presence and creating a branded email for our customers, clients and potential clients.

Branded email? Branded email means email that has some kind of visual punch. That is exactly what my new business venture is all about.

Why on earth would I be interested? Like my other passions, I am compelled to go in this direction. Go figure. I can explain it rationally through the long career in communications and advertising. It seems more than that.

Enough about me. This blog is for you! If you have a small business that chugs along, with ups and downs in terms of demand, this blog is for you. How would you like to have a steady stream of buyers, through every season? How would you like to fill those quiet days of the week, and increase the infamous bottom line?

If you already have a fantastic revenue stream and have a little extra time for something lucrative and fun, this blog is also for you. Because you can hop on the fastest growing segment (hear money opportunity) in business today: a small business that is needed by a very, very big population segment that eventually results in a passive revenue stream. If I have lost you by now, then this blog is definitely for you: we all have to go there sometime, and I am as usual here to help you along the way!

This blog is signed by Visionary Thinker, although my computer will always register Wellness Woman. When I figure out how to change that, I will let you know. That is precisely what this blog is all about. Yikes how do I do this or that with this new-fangled tool. Not so new-fangled, actually. But the evolution of what we can do, how we can communicate and stay in touch today is hallucinatingly fast!

Everybody get comfortable and then hang on for the ride!

Visionary Thinker


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