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From my little office to your inbox

No matter what you are doing, whether your desk is already bringing you a six-figure income or not, you need to stay present in the minds of your consumers. Hold on a moment. This sounds like my advertising and consumer behavior texts of the 1980’s. Precisely. We have succeeded in reinventing the way people do business, communicate and create global change. The way people do business, yes. The need to stay in touch remains the same.

If your small business is not in front of your potential customers or even your customers on a regular basis, bye-bye business. There are too many businesses that will be out there and your share of mind and share of the pie will diminish. The internet has done many things, but two simple concepts we all need to learn are these: what was true a couple of years ago (my loyal customers will stay with me and people know how to find me through my website when they want to) are not necessarily true any more. Yes, your old faithfuls will still come to you. The new business, however, just may not.

So this is a little like an advertising primer. Early advertising in Canada was done by the catalogue companies. Eaton’s, actually, with its black and white drawings and descriptions of what you could buy through the mail, no matter where you lived. No one else much thought it necessary to advertise anything. Everyone knew where the general store was. People shopped in their neighbourhood, learned who did what by word of mouth.

We still use word of mouth today, only with a little help from the digital communications world. How would you like to learn how to put the power of communication behind your business to create momentum for growth?

Stay visible!

Visionary Thinker


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