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Discovering easy templates

So if you go looking for templates that you can use for your email on the web, you will discover a number of things.

There is an ad for easy email templates that will take you to constant contact. You can see how it works and do an online trial for 60 days. Then it costs as little as $15 a month.

The tabs across the top offer email marketing, event marketing, online surveys, social media and learning center. The interface looks easy to use. Click the see how it works button, or the try it free for 60 days.

Here is what one of the tabs offers:

This was event marketing.

At a minimum, your business needs something like this, even if you are sending from an email address that is gmail or hotmail. Even if you do not have a website, you can jazz up your emails. A professional template will offer you a sleek line that is tested and tried to attract attention, allow easy and quick scanning of information. There is much more to constant contact. Go and check it out if you like. I will take a look at the pricing plans another time.

If you are wondering how I inserted this screen shot – you need to do it via an image editor like Photoshop and insert it into the html. Your html blog post looks like this!

Be visible!

Visionary Thinker


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