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A Website is not Enough

A short conversation going nowhere (you all know when you should have kept your mouth shut) with a local small retail business ended with me smiling and heading out the door with my teensy, weensy purchase, hoping I would remember not to go back anytime soon. Need to find another shoemaker, I thought. (No, this was not a shoemaker, but the analogy is pretty safe).

When I entered, the conversation was about (since I always ask) how slow business was. When I suggested that there were other ways of bringing in business than the voodoo doll, I was greeted with “They find me through the internet”. Good. Yes, they do.

The idea that one could do anything to increase business, increase sales or enjoy business more was a little foreign. We will just watch the door and see if our attention causes it to open more often. Okey dokey.

The internet has changed how we do just about everything. Learning how to put it to use is not that difficult. For many of us who have been in business for a long time, though, there is resistance to making big changes. We are used to how we have done business, successfully. But we are possibly still walking to the fair, being overtaken by the horse and carts on the way. I am merely suggesting that we ride along instead of walk. And no, you do not have to buy the equivalent of a horse and cart two hundred years ago. You just need to start learning about what to do.

Get visible, everyone!

Visionary Thinker


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